CLS had humble beginnings, originally operating out of the garage of the founders' home. Since that time, we have grown to be a highly capable and trusted partner for OEM sheet metal and structural materials consumers.


CLS Fabrication was founded in 1985 by Eric and Barbara Fleming in Costa Mesa, California. We initially built coin operated laundry machine security devices. Over the years, CLS Fabrication has added commercial and general security products, third party sheet metal products, and our high-end Baldhead Metal Cabinet product line.

CLS Fabrication expanded and moved our operations to Central Oregon in 2005. As time has passed, we have held true to the basic tenets under which we began: to work hard, to always strive for continual improvement and to reinvest profits in infrastructure and equipment to ensure persistent growth. The core of our strength is unquestionably our employees, many of whom have worked with our family for over 10 years; each of them carry the same pride as we do in offering our customers exactly what they need.