CLS has an extensive portfolio of capabilities allowing us to service a wide array of customers with end to end solutions. The methods, machinery and tools used to run our company are leading edge backed by a staff that understands the importance of dependability and consistent results. 

Precision Sheet Metal Processing

:: CNC Laser Sheet Processing with both CO2 and Solid State/Fiber Laser Systems with integrated material handling systems

               :: Parts up to 6’8” wide by 14’ Long can be processed

               :: Materials up to .800” Thick in Stainless, Aluminum and Steel can be processed

               :: Copper containing materials up to .300” can be processed ( more info )

:: CNC Punch Sheet Processing with integrated material handling systems

               :: Parts up to 5’ wide by 10’8” Long can be processed

               :: Materials up to 5/16” Thick in all metals (stainless, steel, aluminum, copper, nickel alloys etc.) can be processed and some plastics

               :: Full rotation on all tool stations allowing tapping and scoring of material

               :: Embossing and debossing, forming and extruding all possible ( more info )

:: CNC 6-Axis CNC Forming up to 14’ Long @ thicknesses of .250” Steel Can be Processed, Up to 260 US TONS Available

               :: Tolerances of as little as .005” can be held depending on material type and thickness

               :: Polycarbonate forming

               :: Extra deep box forming up to 14”+ ( more info )

Sheet Metal and Structural Fabrication

:: All forms of MIG and TIG welding, many AWS certifications to include AWS D1.1 and D1.2 ( more info )

:: Resistance/Spot Welding

:: Stud Welding

:: AWS CWI on staff

:: Slip Rolling up to 40” and 12GA

:: PEM/Captive Fastener Insertion ( more info )

:: Blind Riveting and Rivet Nut Insertion ( more info ) ( more info )

:: Structural Materials Cutting via Cold Saw and Band Saw

:: 90 US TON Ironworker for various Structural Material Processing ( more info )

:: Manual Milling and Tapping ( more info )

Finishing and Packaging

:: Line Graining, Wet Process ( more info )

:: Edge/Corner Rounding ( more info )

:: Vibratory Finishing ( more info )

:: Sand Blasting

:: High Volume, Self-Conveying Powder Coat Line System with automated conversion coat wash ( more info )

:: Mechanical Assembly Services including custom product labeling

:: Laser etching

:: Aluminum Anodization

:: Metal Plating to include electroplating, vapor deposition, hot dip galvanization

:: Passivation and Electropolishing

:: Bulk and Retail Packaging Options, both with standard and custom packaging materials available

:: Parcel, LTL, Sealed Divider and Dedicated Full Truck Shipments

:: Complimentary Delivery throughout Central Oregon

Company Technologies and Manufacturing Administration

:: Fully Paper-Less Operation

:: Single ERP System runs all facets of company activities to include quotation, sales orders, production and billing etc.

:: Shop Floor Data Collection for job cost analysis and management of orders with real time job status

:: Certified/Calibrated measurement devices

:: Solidworks 3D Design and Solidworks Composer, Latest Versions

:: Import of any 3D or 2D design files for manufacturing

:: Design consultation services from conceptual phases through design refinement for manufacturing and cost reduction